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Since I am blogging about our kitchen life, I thought I would introduce everyone to our family.

Kimberlee – Ovo-lacto vegetarian

Raised a third generation vegetarian.  And to answer a few of the most common questions; although I have tried about every common meat out there I just don’t enjoy it.  Once in a blue moon I will have a small piece or maybe a bite of chicken.  But thats about all my appetite wants.  What is the worst part of being a vegetarian?  Going out to eat.

Kevin – Husband – Extremely picky carnivore.

He says “if it is green, I don’t eat it”.  His favorite foods; hot dogs, cheeseburgers and mexican food.

Matthew – Toddler- Almost 3 yrs.

Typical picky toddler, and no I am not forcing him to be a vegetarian.  He gets to pick and choose what he wants to eat and is expected to try everything (although getting a toddler to try new things can be difficult).

Ally – Baby – 8 weeks