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So I am a coupon Newbie, that is I just jumped on this couponing bandwagon in May of 2011.  So I am like many who recently had their eyes opened to how shopping with coupons can save your family money.  So what opened my eyes to this new way of living, the Extreme Couponing show on TLC.  I had no idea that couponing could successfully save you money.  I wish I had somehow ran across this years ago.  And since I was on maternity leave I decide, now is just time to get started.

The purpose of my blog, the couponing section, is to share my experiences, triumphs and failures with other Newbies to try and help others.  Let me start off with telling you a story of a grocery shopping trip I made a little over a year ago.  We had moved from TN, to Watertown, to Carthage thats 3 moves in 6 months.  Finally purchasing a home in Carthage and moving in it was finally time for me to fill my cupboards and get needed things such as cleaning supplies, tp, paper towels, etc.  And as most people know, especially military families who move frequently, you spend a lot of money those first few shopping trips after moving.  Well I purchased a Sunday paper, clipped lots of coupons and went to Price Chopper our local grocery store (it was P&C at that time).  I had seen a banner at the store reading “We Double all Manufacture Coupons”.  So I was excited to go shopping and filled my basket with everything I had previous clipped a coupon for, plus lots of necessary groceries.  The checkout was a headache because the cashier had no idea what she was doing (ohh yeah and I had can deposit tickets totaling about $20 she had no clue how to use).  After about 45 mins and two other cashiers and a bagger trying to help her I was finally out of the store.  What a relief to be out of the store!  I loaded all my groceries in the car and sat in the drivers seat and I was excited to see how much I saved.  I had not even heard her say the total, or even looked because I was about to go crazy in the line.  I thought I would spend about $150, my total was $274.  I panicked a little, at the thought of spending that much money, then at the thought of “What is my husband going to say!”.

Well that was my first Fail at couponing, before even beginning.  I had that day vowed never to use coupons again.  And here I am.