Boppy* (http://shopboppy.com/ )

Gift certificates (gymboree, target, childrens place)

Buy a cute outfit and give a gift card enough for Mom and Dad to pick out one too.

Manicure, pedicure, massage etc

Gift Certificate for Mom to get some needed clothes, maybe nursing bras, or just a new outfit to make her feel more comfortable. (Right now I have one nursing bra that fits well and about no clothes, every mom could use this gift!)

Pampering basket

  • anti-itch lotion
  • candles
  • bubble bath
  • gift certificate
  • lotion fights stretch marks
  • soft towel and wash cloth
  • bathrobe
  • slippers
  • comfy warm socks (I love cute socks)

Date night

  • gift certificate for dinner
  • make your own gift certificate for a babysitter (you or you pay for a babysitter)

College savings donation

highchair/shopping cart cover

Baby carrier (Moby is my favorite)

diapers diapers diapers

scrap booking essentials

  • photo albums
  • paper
  • new baby pack
  • babys firsts (drs visit, bath, tooth, haircut, boo boo, crawl, steps etc etc)
  • gift card for photo prints

medela feeding kit*


clothes, shoes, hair ties, coats, hats, mittens

baby food essentials

  • bowls
  • spoons
  • storage containers for making your own baby food
  • bibs – easy wipe type are the best
  • learner type sippy cups (sippy cups with handles)
  • bullet type small blender makes it super easy to make your own baby food (don’t spend a lot of money on something when a $15 blender will work) I do like the idea of the baby bullet.
  • Munchkin fresh food net *
  • some people like the baby food cookbooks, not for me but I wouldn’t mind a cookbook for the family with a baby food stage baby that puts together the different stages of foods with meal ideas for the whole family. Make 1 meal for everyone at all times…sounds like a hit to me…maybe it will be my first book.

I’m all about gift cards, can you tell?