So everyone has their own way of organizing their coupons.  I have tried a few and all have been a little less than desireable.  I tried the large binder clip everything and fold and stuff into the baseball cards method.  That takes SOOO much time.  And its not the clipping that I mind, its the stuffing.  Then I tried the, file by whole insert.  That was fine because I don’t get a chance to go shopping every day of the week, but I still didn’t really know what I had.  This led to me only relying on deals I found others post on their blogs and not so much my own deals.  I like finding my own deals.  So here is my newest organizational method and so far is going great!


1 half-sheet binder 8.5″x5.5″

75 half sheet page protectors

3 pkgs (15) half sheet tabs

My Mom actually found and purchased these items for me after we had a conversation about how much I hate my old binder.


Since I already had the typical binder method, I knew what categories I wanted.  This time I switched things up a bit to make my drugstore coupons in the front and my grocery coupons behind them.  So I clip all my coupons and throw the ones I know I won’t use into my coupon train shoebox (more about the coupon train in a later post).  Then I organize by basic categories…grocery, baby, bathroom, cleaning, pet.  Once everything is clipped I then organize within my subcategories.  Such as Bathroom; oral care, razors/men, razors/women, meds, etc.  Once that main category has been broken down I don’t have to worry about stuffing and folding and fitting my coupons into the small packets.  I half a half sheet protector which they can fit into.  Now this isn’t for everyone because I can’t open my coupon book and easily see every coupon.  But it works for me because I plan out my shopping trips before hand (2 young kids = need a plan), and therefor I don’t have time to stroll up and down every aisle scoping deals.  However if I spot a deal I have my binder with me and I can quickly go through my bathroom; toothbrush section and find for example the oral-B coupon that I knew I had to make that purchase a steal.



  1. Half the size of my other binder so it fits into my diaper bag/purse inconspicuously and leaves more room for diapers.
  2. I stopped clipping and organizing because I would run out of time, now I have it all!
  3. Organization is key, and I have it organized just perfect for me.



  1. It still takes time to clip everything.
  2. The binder is smaller, however if I decide to I could have 2 binders one for my drugstore purchases and one for my grocery items.  So not much of a drawback for me.


Tell me, how do you organize your coupons?