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I have tried making my own baby wipes with paper towels before and it was a failure.  I did not like how easily they ripped and how fast they molded.  It also became a nuisance since I cloth diaper 90% of the time I had to separate the wipes for trash.  I thought I had a brilliant idea to use unwanted/unused flannel and turn it into baby wipes.  After a quick search I found out this is nothing new so I am no genius.

I was at my Mom’s (she is the ultimate sewer) and she had scrap flannel in her living room in a bag she was going to toss.  This was scraps from over 50 pillowcase kits she made for her church.  I told her my baby wipe idea and she started serging the fabric.  This cut the fabric into wipe size pieces and sewed the edges at the same time to keep from fraying.

When I got home I collected some baby wipe tubs and placed the wipes in them.  I then mixed up some baby cleaner, poured it on top and WALA I now have wipes I can reuse and wash with our cloth diapers.  Makes my life simple and easy (easier).

Mix together

2 Cups Warm water

2 T Baby shampoo

1 T Baby oil

After mixing together in a bowl, dump over your wipes.  If you want to use paper towels you can, just decrease to 1 C water 1 T baby shampoo and 1.5 t baby oil. (amounts vary depending on how many paper towels you decide to use of course)  I recommend using very strong paper towels and don’t mix more than a weeks worth at a time.


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