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My son and I made slime this morning, it was quick and easy.  If you decide to make this yourself please read all this before you start.  Our first attempt ended in failure and hopefully yours won’t if you read this first.

What you need…

Ziploc bag

3 T warm water

1 T white elmers glue

3 heaping T of Borax (laundry detergent) (I added almost 4 T)

Food coloring

Paper plate with borax sprinkled on it (might need this if it is too sticky, prepare it ahead of time so your kitchen doesn’t end up a slime ball mess)

Put the 3 T water in the ziploc bag, add the elmers glue, then mix the glue into the water until the water is cloudy.  Add Borax, I added 3 large T borax to our mixture.  Add food coloring if desired.  Close the seal on the bag and mix together.  Try to remove from back, if it is really sticky add a teaspoon at a time until it can almost hold its shape into a ball.  If you get it out and it is still too sticky put some borax on a paper plate and roll the sticky ball in it, then knead it in until you have it at the desired consistency.  Let child play until they get bored, or start throwing it, then return it to the ziploc bag for storage.  (I’m not sure how long it will last considering we just made it this morning)

This pic is from our first, and obviously failed attempt.  I did not mix the glue and water together so when the borax hit the glue it became its own substance that was more like tried caulk than slime.  It broke apart when I tried to make it into a ball so definitely wasn’t worth keeping.

I found a recipe here, had to tweak the recipe a bit to my liking.   A to Z Home’s cool Homeschooling (lots of ideas here).

After making this I have found another blog with more detail on making the slime.  If anybody is having trouble making it you can take a look at this blog Kids in the Kitchen.