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Last night we started this project by painting a milk jug black with some acrylic paint we had on hand.  We painted it twice and since the paint dried so fast this only took less than 10 minutes.

This morning I cut an inch out of the handle and cut a mouth.  Then I taped the handle together this made the mouth stay open.  We made the teeth out of regular copy paper folded about 4 times and cut the teeth in it.  Then I looked around for something for eyes and found some old glue sticks that were dried out.  So I took the caps off the glue sticks and gorilla glues the eyes to the monster.  Next we took pipe cleaners and glued them on the head for silly, crazy hair.  I’m not exactly sure where we will keep the monster trash can but we will find it a home.

This craft was fun but didn’t leave much for a almost 3yr old to do.   He basically only painted the milk jug.


Idea for this project found HERE at Back to School Crafts.