Price Chopper has a good ad out this week, here are some of the deals.


Double the gas points when you buy gift cards at Price Chopper this week.


Price Chopper bread $0.68

Boneless Chicken Breast Tenderloins $1.89/lb

Freihofers chocolate chip cookies buy 1 get 2 free

Wise 50 ct super pack of chips for $7.00 (later in the ad for $10 so save $3)

Pepsi 6 pk 24 oz for $1.99

1 liter poland spring water $0.59

Terrells potato chips buy 1 at $3.19 get 2 free

Romaine lettuce $0.99

Green Giant baby carrots $0.99/1lb bagCoke 12 packs 4/$11 with in ad coupon (Riteaid 5 for $14 this week)

Glaceau vitamin water 10/$10 plus free 24pk dasani water with in ad coupon

cheerios or honeynut cheerios 4/$8 with in ad coupon

1/2 off freihofers country breads

1/2 off philly swirl stix $1.64

Purex $2.49

Blueberry Muffins 4 pk $1.99

Price Chopper all natural boneless chicken breat $1.88/lb

Bonelss country style ribs $2.99/lb

Price chopper ham buy 1/2 lb get 1/2 lb free

Marinated Pork Loin fillets $2.99/lb

3/$5 Dole bag salads

Grapes $1.99/lb

Marie’s salad dressings 1/2 price $1.99

Vine ripe tomatoes $1.49 for 4

4 pepesi 2 liters for $4 with in ad coupon

Ronzoni pasta 10/$10

Prego $1.68

Chips Ahoy 2/$5

Pringles 2/$3

Fritos 2/$6

Delmonte fruit cups 2/$4

Kens Dressings $2

Price Chopper cheese 10 oz 2/$5

Betty Crocker Brownie mix $0.84

Marcal small step paper towels 3 roll 1/2 price

Glade plugins lasting oil impressions 1/2 price



Save $4 off next trip when you spend $12+ on these items.

States $12 is after advantage savings and coupons

Edys Icecream 48oz $3

Edys fruit bars 6pk $3

Haagen Daz Icecream $3

Skinny Cow Icecream cones, sandwiches or bars $3.99



Meal Deals $10ea



Roasted Whole Chicken

Fresh Italian Bread

12oz bag Dole salad

1/4 plain cheese cake



12 cut bella roma italian supreme pizza

Dole 12 oz iceberg salad blend

Price Chopper 2 Liter soda or 3 liter spring water