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I went to Riteaid for a quick trip yesterday to get a few of their freebies.

This is what my transaction looked like.

Max Gel $6.99 with a $6.99 Up+

Stopain Analgesic Spray $7.99 with $7 Up+

Hylands Calm Forte (sleep aid) $3.99 with a $3c Up+

Riteaid Childrens Tylenol $5.49 BOGO (2 for $5.49)

Total was $24.86

Used $16 in Up+ from previous transactions, and paid $8.46

Received $16.99 in Up+

I know when starting out it makes it easier to see other peoples transactions and how they work out.  This was a one transaction, no coupons with the transactions, but did have previously earned up+ rewards that I used. If you have any questions or you would like help working out a deal scenario I would be glad to help.