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We are waiting for the sides to finish drying and then we will paint and decorate, but so far this is our latest project.



Lately I have been battling the “I’m not listening” Toddler.  He does not like to, or understand how to stop and listen and then do what he is told.  As much as I love him, I am ready to help teach him to stop and listen.


Scavenger Hunt.

So I created (very quickly might I add) a scavenger hunt with 3 clues and we were off to the playground to go “Treasure hunting” as he calls it.   Each clue had a quarter taped to it (my son is starting to understand money and he knows $4 means he can get a monster truck at wm).  I had at least a 2 step process with each clue, example: go across the monkey bars,examples: 1.)find the swings and swing for 5 minutes, 2.)climb across the bridge, up the stairs, and down the slide, 3.)jump over the crocodile swamp and when you reach the bridge you will find your treasure.  And for our treasure box I had painted a shoebox black and halfway buried it in the chips (under the bridge).  Each clue I drew a very rough sketch of what the directions were (to help my 3 year old stay interested in following the directions).  He loved the clues and after I would read it he would start to go to the next spot then would stop and ask if he could read it and he would look at the pictures and say what I had just read to him.  And after he found the treasure he wanted to find more clues.  I kept things short (only 3 clues) because I didn’t want him to lose interest.  I think next time we will spend a lot more time searching.

A side note – since I put this together in about 15 minutes, I didn’t have any gift ideas/prizes for the scavenger hunt so I called a friend (thanks Tiffany!) and used her idea – money!  My son was thrilled when he counted and knew he had $4 and he could go buy a monster truck!

This activity could be made into so many educational or fun variations.  It could be about counting, following directions, or make it a Dora theme and have a ‘map’ and backpack like she does, or how about a pirate treasure hunt.  You can do it in your backyard, park, playground or even inside on a rainy day.  How about a fun birthday party activity and have the guest gift bags in the box for everyone.