Here are a few good deals at Tops this week.

By 3 kelloggs cereal (raisin bran, mini wheats, crunchy nut roasted/honey) and get a free gallon of milk with your next purchase.

Garlic 3 pk, buy 10 for $10

Apples and eve organic juice 3 pk $1.99 (I’ve written to this company before and received lots of coupons)

Musselmans 6pk applesauce 2 for $5
Savingstar has a coupon for this week

Arm and hammer detergent and fabric softener $6.99 buy 1 get 1 free (BOGO)

Kleenex 70-100ct 10 for $10
Coupon for $0.40 and Tops doubles so $0.80