For everyone out there looking for coupons we have a coupon train up and running!  The train has left the station but everytime it returns back to me I can add new people to the train. If you are interested send me an email with your address and the top 3 categories fir coupons you are looking for (ex pets, baby, makeup).  A couple of rules for the train…
1. Addresses are for the coupon train only and are not to be shared with anyone.
2. Please do your best to have the coupons mailed to the next person within 3 days.
3. There are at least 50 coupons and I ask that for however many you take to use, in return you add the same amount back in.
4. Coupons added should not expire for 14 days. If you find coupons that have been in the envelope that expire in less than 14 days add them to the expiring soon envelope.

Thank you and happy couponing!