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     I get asked that quite often and I am more than happy to explain why.  I use cloth diapers because they are easy and being a mom means I have to do laundry everyday anyhow.  If doing one extra load every other day would save you $1,000 a year, or more would you do it?
With my first kid I was not an avid couponer so the amounts I spent on diapers are based on what I really did spend. Without couponing or cloth diapers I would pay $20 a week on diapers. That means budgeting $80 a month until potty trained, about 3 yrs. (And if still using diapers after that they get more expensive to buy pullups, goodnites, etc.)  With 52 weeks in a year you are looking at a yearly cost, for one kid, $1040.  That means for 3 years you would be paying $3120 in diapers alone. Hopefully you are buying with sales and coupons so you aren’t spending that much (like I did). And let me remind you about wipes. Let’s imagine paying about $10 a month for a lg box of wipes that is $120 a year, at least.
      What is the cost of cloth diapers?  You can easily spend $500 and be set on cloth diapers for not just your first kid but also more kids in the future.  Buy used or watch for closeout prices or sales and $200 can be a great starting amount.  Cloth diapers have come a long way.  There is such a variety out there now; one size fits all, all in one, and some really cute designs. I’m definitely not ruling out the old school cloth diapers with a few good covers either (much less costly start-up price).
What is the cost of laundering the diapers?
Laundry detergent – cheap to free with coupons and sales.  This week I paid $1.66 each for 6 things of A&H laundry detergent.  I use the green cap which has no dyes or perfumes for the diapers and I wash daily.  (you can buy it cheaper still, I had only 1 coupon for those 6 detergents, it was just a good sale so I went ahead and bought them)
Water, we are lucky enough to have our own well so we virtually don’t spend anything for water however when we did have city water our bill was from $30-$42/month and stayed the same.  Since line drying is the recommendation for diapers, there should be no extra cost drying.
My confession…
I do still use disposables, not much but some.  Whenever we travel I pack disposables instead of cloth diapers.  Also at night I use one disposable that since my daughter sleeps through the night, (thankfully) lasts all night.  I do this just because the pocket cloth diapers I have are not the best you can buy.  They will leak if I have her in one all night and I hate for her to be wet.  Before she slept through the night I used cloth diapers since I would change her multiple times anyhow.
This is just reason #1 why I cloth diaper.  I will be posting more about this topic.
I tell more about cloth diapers…
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