Besides the most obvious reason to cloth diaper, save money (I talk about that here), there are other benefits that should be noted.

1. Saves on the amount of trash/waste. (saves 1 ton from going into the landfill per child)

2. Easy

3. No more pins anymore!  Plus cloth diapers are so simple and stylish these days.

4. Good quality diapers are an investment and usually last through 2 kids.

5. Don’t run out and have to go to the store, just throw more in the wash.

6. Many kids are sensitive to certain diapers (and detergents) but overall diaper rash is less common.  You are not exposing the child to the irritating insides of a disposable diaper that is known for irritating skin.  Something new I just read about is the likelihood that disposables have caused asthma in test rodents when they were exposed on a daily basis.  I’d still like to read more about that research before I make an opinion.

7. Helps kids learn to pottytrain faster and easier.

8. Nowadays they are even stylish, don’t spend extra money on diapers with flowers or that look like jeans.  Just buy a couple cute covers and you’ve got lasting style.

9. Save money, lots, the more kids you have the more money you save.

Even my husband does not mind using the cloth diapers.

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