The main reason I watch this show is to learn from others so this is what I saw.

1. She did 19 transactions, and with noone waiting behind her and she had time to set up between transactions. (I’m certain allot of editing takes place.)

2. She bought coupons online. (how much did they cost, I always wonder).

3.  Price Chopper doubles coupons up to $0.99 in Watertown.  Check your local store, policies differ between stores.

4.  Most of the shows I have seen on TLC the couponers buy around $800 worth of food for $50 or less.  So our NY prices may be a little higher since her total was about $100 oop (out of pocket) for $900 worth of groceries.  Still amazing in my book.

4. Again 19 transactions makes this work.  This is why it is considered extreme.

Did you notice anything else? I love that she did this in NY and especially in Watertown.  I wish I could have Erin as a guest poster or have an interview with her.