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So I did not know this until my visit to Price Chopper last night (went late with my Mom to get her started on couponing).  Anyhow on Price Choppers commercials it states they take competitors coupons.  That is great in its self, but I wanted to check what stores, whether it is just grocery stores or all stores and what radius.  The customer service rep we talked with said they take just about everything.  I named off a few stores to be certain including Aldis, Tops, Walgreens, and Riteaid.  They will take all of these stores coupons and they will even take Tops doubler coupons.


Once we found this out we went shopping for my mom and took advantage of matching Tops doubler coupons. My Mom’s pre coupon/sale total was $100.31, after coupons and sales her total was $61 and she received a catalina for a $10 mail in rebate on P&G items, this brings her total to $51 after all coupons, sales and the MIR.