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First of all, thank you to my wonderful husband for giving me a couple hours to myself so I could relax and do a little shopping by myself this morning.

I had a great trip, forgot a few printable coupons at home so I will probably return later in the week. 

My 2 transactions included…
4 riteaid hand sanitizer ($4, $4 up+)
1 cepacol($2.49, $2.49 up+)
1 zarbees ($6.99, $6.99 scr)
1 blistex ($1.49, $1. 49 up+)
1 gallon milk ($2.49)
12 things of blush (trust me this is not for me it is for stocking suffers, lots of stocking suffers) (ranged from $3.39-5.39 BOGO 50% off plus $8/2 coupons)
1 bottle cleaning brush (3.99 unadvertised $2 up)

Ill add my exact totals with tax tomorrow.