Clean kitchen, organize cupboards better.

Bake an apple pie.

1 new dinner every week. (At least)

Find/make a costume for my 3 yr old.  (Last year he was a cowboy and our irish wolfhound was his horse).

Clean all the windows in our house.

Laundry – accomplished at least 6 loads today, just need to put it away.

Find new fall craft projects to do with my 3 yr old.

Set up drs appts for husband and son.

Call insurance company for status of my car. (T boned 3 weeks ago and body shop still waiting on insurance company so repairs still not even started)

Find time to relax with the husband. 

I have this dream where I set up posts on my blog at least one significant story/post, written ahead of time for a week.  Hopefully I can accomplish this.