After watching the last couple weeks TLC’s Extreme Couponing I am really getting burnt out on the show.  I like it because it is giving so many families, including ours, a new path for saving money.  However it appears to be breeding a selfish, dishonest and disrespectful group.  What do I mean?

A few days ago one of my good friends who knows I enjoy couponing called me to tell me about her experience at the commissary.  She was shopping when she kept running into a couple with a ‘HUGE’ binder.  This couple was removing all of the peelies (coupons stuck to products) all around the store.  While she was in one aisle, her husband was in another aisle.  My friend kept running into them throughout the store and the giggling and stealing from more than 3 separate product locations was enough for her.  I’m sure she was not the only annoyed customer in the store either.  Well after talking to customer service this couple was swiftly lead to the office for hopefully a well needed scolding.

This is not an ok thing to do.  I can understand snagging one or maybe two peelies on an item if the shelf is full of peelies.  But remember you are not the only person in this world when you are shopping.  If you are a peelie thief you are not stealing from the store, you are stealing from other customers.  That means the person behind you in line.  There may be someone who now can’t afford that product when they could have with a coupon.  Shame on you.

What is worse?  A shelf clearer.  Why do couponers find the need to clear an entire shelf of all the products.  Rainchecks are your friend!  For example Riteaid gives you rainchecks on the products, plus will give you a UP+ reward for that item if they are out of stock, (if that item originally had an up reward associated with it).  Don’t take all of the mustard from the shelf so you can add 15 more to your stockpile, buy a good supply but leave a few behind so miss Susie can make her famous deviled eggs for her party tomorrow.

Pet Peeve number 3, long lines!  First of all if you have a large amount of coupon shopping to do, shop in non peak hours. If you have multiple transactions and a customer is behind you, finish one transaction then go to the end of the line to do the next transaction.

Pet peeve #4, cashiers are just doing their job. Don’t disrespect them or make them feel small because they don’t understand something, like a coupon policy. Just let them know what you believe to be different then ask for the manager to clear up the misunderstanding. Also don’t be upset if they don’t seem thrilled over your stack of coupons. It means more work and time for them. One of my friends who worked at a grocery store told me they were graded on the amount of scans per minute. If hers was low she had to go through re- training.

Remember to treat every person you meet with the same amount of respect you wish to be treated with.