Hello everyone I apologize for my lack of new material on the blog as of this past month.  Before Thanksgiving I had a new video series set up to post and something happened that it not only didn’t post but I have lost the backup to my videos, so eventually I will be redoing those.  We traveled a few states away to enjoy a pleasant Thanksgiving with family which was great, but as happens to many families we came home sick.  3 of us (including myself) were sick for a little over 3 weeks, sick sick not just a sniffly nose.  My youngest even got pinkeye during this fiasco of a December.  (Note to all, if you or your kids are sick please do everyone a favor and don’t bring them around families or friends that are traveling 1000 miles, or even from out of town.  It was pitiful having a 3 yr old with a fever stuck in a car for 1000 miles, I don’t wish it on anyone).  Anyhow so now we are in good health again and after catching up with so much needed work around the house I am going to slowly get back to my usual blogging.


As always my family and home comes before my blog, so I apologize but I hope everyone understands.