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There is a yp (yellow pages) deal for 50% off Meals of the Week mealplans.  This service makes meal plans for you and your family and it gives shopping lists for those meals as well.  The service says the meal plans are based on what is on sale that week.  So save money and time by having meals planned out for the week and a shopping list prepared for you.  Then an extra bonus – save extra money because these meals are planned out according to sales.

To purchase this deal on yp (11 days left) it is $7.50 for 13 weeks.  I had a $5 credit for signing up with yp which made this only $2.50 for me.  Yay!  I’d pay $2.50 just for more healthy recipes or a cookbook any day!

I so far like the service, the website is easy to navigate and it is very nice because you can choose for how many people the recipe will be made for and the recipe and if you are having fguest there is a double option.  Also if there is a meal you just know your family won’t eat you can skip it so your shopping list won’t include it.