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I don’t know if I am the only one that has this exact problem, but I have an issue trying to exercise, specifically yoga.  With having two kids it is difficult finding time to exercise between the housework, kids, and trying to exercise while at least one kid is napping.  My 3 yr old loves to ‘exercise’.  He loves it when I give him challenges like jumping jacks, pushups, wall jumps, crawling all sorts of things like that he loves.  And he LOVES it when it is time for Mommy to exercise.  He helps me start my yoga video, get out my yoga mat, and his yoga mat too.  It starts off great where we both try to copy the lady on tv.  But that doesn’t last 5 minutes before my ‘mountain pose’ because a tunnel for firetrucks to drive down.  And ‘down dog’ seems to be the best time to climb mommy aka a bridge.  So this battle goes on throughout my 30 minute attempt at working out.  And I love playing with him and it is quite comical most of the time, however still majorly difficult.  Does anyone else have this issue?  One of these days maybe I can get a video clip, because it is quite the hilarious event.