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I’m not going to pretend to be a coffee connoisseur, but I do enjoy a nice Dunkin Donuts Hot Caramel Latte.  It is difficult to drive by a DD without stopping.  I started drinking more when our youngest was having trouble sleeping at night.  These had just enough get up and go to make me productive during the day after little to no sleep at night.  My husband on the weekends would go get me one and a newspaper, sometimes two so I had one in the fridge for the next day.  So this definitely started adding up.  $3.24 per latte, plus you gotta grab a few donuts for the rest of the family, thats $7.28.  So this weekly expense of $10 – 15, or $40-60 a month, just was not the best idea.  After reading and watching you tube videos on making lattes at home I decided I wanted a french press.  I didn’t have anything to make coffee at home and I found that a french press was a great way to make good single serve coffee fast.  And it was cheap $18.97.  Here is what you need…

French Press ($18.97 at walmart)

Dunkin Donuts Coffee (or anything that you like, I believe for a true latte you are suppose to use espresso)

Milk (fat free, whole, whatever you like or have on hand)

Whipping cream (or whipped cream from a foam can, I use whipped cream for cooking as well so I typically have a little on hand)

Flavoring such as caramel topping, chocolate for a mocha etc.

Microwaveable bowl




Step 1

Heat 1 cup of boiling water, I heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes.


Step 2

Measure out the desired amount of coffee, I use 1 lg scoop for a lg coffee.  Place in french press.  When my water is fully heated I dump it in the french press and place the top on for 2-3 minutes, the longer you let it ‘steep’ the darker and smokier the flavor will be.  So adjust to your liking (I like a light flavor).image


Step 3:

While I am waiting for my water to heat up I whip a little whipping cream to top my coffee.  If I really want it thick I put it in my mixer and mix it for 2 minutes on high.  If like today, I just wanted a quick and easy coffee I whip with a whisk while I wait for my water to heat up.



Step 4

Add sugar to your whipping cream to sweeten it, and sweetens your coffee.


Step 5

For my lg coffee I use 1 cup milk to mix with my 1 cup coffee to make the latte.  Not exactly the true latte mixture but it gives me a similar taste to dunkin donuts latte.  So I heat the 1 cup milk in the microwave for 1 minute.  You can whip this to make it frothy if you would like (I don’t notice enough of a difference so I skip that step).


Step 6

Add whatever flavor you like best, I like using a caramel ice cream syrup for a yummy caramel latte.



Step 7


By the way the amounts for making my coffee are for a medium travel sized cup, or about 1.5-2 small mugs like pictured.  Taking a picture of my travel mug with a top just wouldn’t look as yummy as this.