A little side story for everyone, we once lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment while we waited for our house to sell and to buy our new home.  In that tiny apartment there was not much in the way of cabinets.  However there was one deep cabinet that was kind of a blind cabinet because you could barely see around the corner and could hardly reach what was in it.  So it became my bag storage area.  When we went to move my husband was helping to pack and pulled out a mountain of bags.  My husband was nice enough to display a picture of this mountain (up to my waist) of grocery bags on facebook.  I believe he even counted (just over 100).  So he likes to joke I am a grocery bag hoarder.  I make a point today to only have 5 or less bags on hand at any time.  (there have even been a few times my husband has asked for a bag and I haven’t had any)  Hopefully everyone gets a little chuckle out of my little story.

Another great tip comes from Summer Social.  Use old cleaning wipe containers for a grocery bag holder.


I have also seen others use an old tissue box to hold grocery bags, thought that was a nice idea too.