We have a sunroom with 4 double large windows and 1 small window. The cost for making curtains was going to be $150 or more for all of the fabric, pleating tape, etc etc. a little more than what I have in my curtain fund right now. So after a lot of shopping around and trying to come up with ideas like using fabric shower curtains, sheets, or anything else my Mom and I found while shopping, I felt like giving up. Then we came up with the idea of using burlap. Our house decor is ‘rustic country’ I like to call it. Not so much the primitive country that is very popular right now, although we do have some primitive elements. So burlap curtains just sounded like they would fit in great.

After finding burlap for $3.99/yd and having a 50% off coupon, plus another 20% total purchase coupon, I am on my way to making burlap curtains. Another cool thing (I think it is cool) I am going to be making these as a ‘no sew’ curtain so anyone can do it. Right now I am using red ribbon to help the curtains really pop. And when I have a few panels done I will hopefully be posting a tutorial on making your own no sew burlap curtains.