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I’m always trying to find ideas for things to do as a family over the weekend.  I don’t want to look back on the ‘younger years’ and think I just let them pass by because with kids life is just so hectic.  Every Friday I will be trying to think of something to do as a family, and likely will be something we will be doing.  So maybe I’ll see you there!

Thompson Park Watertown, NY

Map to Thompson Park

When we first arrived to the area the only park I could find was Thompson park in Watertown.  The park is nice and there is a large playground area.  However for a 2 year old that is not the safest of places.  There are lots of ladders, ups and downs, and for a parent is very hard to watch the child unless you are right behind them.  Definitely not a sit on the bench and watch a youngster play sorta place.

Carthage Recreation Park

Map to Carthage Recreation Park

This is our families favorite park.  It has a great playground area with sandbox and two sections, one for toddlers, and the regular play area for the older kids.  Lots of space to play and lots to do.  There is a pole barn and picnic tables for a picnic, large open field for more play area, and a large building that I believe you can rent for birthday parties (haven’t done it so not 100% on that).  We LOVE this park.  The parents that come are always friendly and unlike Thompson park I have yet to see this park overcrowded with kids.

Franklin St Park  in West Carthage

Franklin St Park in West Carthage map

I have stopped by this park a few times.  It is right across the road from the West Carthage Trooper station and Justice Court.  This park is worth visiting but is simple and the playground area is small.  There isn’t a lot of variety to play on.  When I am on a time crunch but I want to let the kids play this is where we stop.

Here are some other parks that may be closer to you, we haven’t been so I leave you to check it out let me know what you think!

Adam’s Recreational Park

Jack Williams Recreation Park, Evans Mills

Maple St Park, Black River

I think there is a small park in Brownville but I haven’t found it yet.